Lift car fabrication is a predominant service in our business. With the invested technologies and our highly trained fabrication engineers, we are able to produce sophisticated design requirements.
We work alongside the lift makers to deliver high quality lift cars and parts. Clients are assured of quality when the products leave our factory.


Second to our lift car fabrication, escalator and travellator fabrication are our other key services. We offer a comprehensive range of requirements, which include mass production of the escalators and travellators, or a prototype.

Metal Fabrication

As your partner in metal works, we customize your metal design needs in our in-house fabrication plant. We fabricate precise metals in all shapes and sizes, be it a single product or bulk quantities.

Laser Cutting

Our industrial CNC laser cutting machines allow precise cutting of thicker metal materials and excellent finish quality while staying within competitive rates.

Shear | Bend | Press | V-Groove

Ranging from standard CNC shearing, presses, bending to precise v-grooves, we build decorative metal materials for the likes of hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, banks and airports.

Design Consultancy

Our design & engineering team specialises in architectural metal construction and we are proficient in CAD/CAM, 3D & interior design.

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